Your Chocolate + Wine Fix Ahead of Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and the real question is not who are you going to spend it with but which box of chocolates are you eating while sipping on that £5 bottle of vino. Ladies for those who don’t want to settle for a skinny British boy driving down in his Corsa, make sure to impress yourself with your knowledge of pairing wine and chocolate (A real life skill if you ask me).

Gentlemen, if you are trying to win those extra brownie points, this year, make sure you know what you are doing by pairing your box of chocolate with that bottle of wine,  it just might give you that extra flare of sex appeal.

Many believe that the more expensive the bottle the better it is. Whilst this is true for the higher bracket of wines; the Mosaics or the Exclusives, for the average bracket price of decently good wine is roughly £15-£35. Within this price bracket of wine, it is less about price but rather the varietals and blends. Here are five pairings of chocolate that you and your loved one can enjoy.


Pinot Noir + Maltesers  

Pinot Noir is often considered a girly wine due to its lightness on the palette. Pinot Noir is considered to be a light-to-medium varietal. This is due to its appealing fruity taste and some Pinot Noir’s have an irresistible earthy tone to it. This light wine is perfect to be paired with Maltesers due to their centre but the heavy rich texture of the chocolate surrounding provides an added element to your wine. Making the pairing light but rich in components.

One should note, that French Pinot Noir is considered to be dryer than other Pinot Noirs. This is due to the French terrain that the grapes are grown in. French Pinot Noir has more of a Savoury taste, highlighting its elegance. 

Shiraz + Snickers

Shiraz (Syrah) is a full bodied wine, often with earthy tones; the tones do vary depending on the terrain and fermentation process. Nevertheless, this full, elegant, savoury varietal is perfect for that cheeky snickers bar. The nougat topped with caramel compliments the Shiraz varietal due to the salt that is found within the caramel. Additionally, the peanuts provide an added element of textures, providing this full bodied wine with even more excitement with the saltiness of the Caramel as well as the smooth richness of the chocolate.

Gamay +Peanut Butter Cups

Gamay is a variety that is most famous for producing light, fruit-driven red wines. The lightness of the body makes it a perfect pairing for Peanut Butter cups. This simple, light weighted variety allows for the saltiness and richness of the Peanut Butter Cups to over-power the palette. The Gamay varietal often exhibits strawberry and red cherries that is light in texture, making it the perfect pairing of salty and sweet and richness to lightness.

 Zinfandel +Hershey’s Kisses

Zinfandel, is a medium to full varietal that has bold and fruity notes to it. However, it should be noted that this varietal is known for its robust red colour and taste. The taste of the red largely depends on the region it is grown and the ripeness of the grape. Berry-like flavours are more predominate within this varietal when it is grown in cooler regions, while, blackberry and pepper notes come through when it is grown and harvested in warmer areas. Nevertheless, this varietal is perfect for the bite size Hershey kisses. A semi- sweet glass of Zinfandel is perfect to wash out the palette from that cheeky midnight kiss.

By Laurie Ezekial


Comment Wine and Chocolate combinations you are passionate about. 







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