Why the Type of Cup/Glass/Bottle can Either Make or Break your Tea!

When making your perfect cup of loose leaf tea it is imperative that the correct type of tea cup/glass/bottle is used! Just as wine connoisseurs are very picky with the shape and material of their wine glasses, so are we tea connoisseurs! Wine glasses are all very similar due to them all being glass and them all being of a very alike shape. Tea ware comes on all different materials, shapes and sizes!

For example if drinking from a teacup, which has a narrow rim, the aroma of the tea will be very concentrate and visa versa for if the teacup has a wide rim. The wide rim will allow the aroma to diffuse rapidly into the air making it not as strong.

The material of tea ware is very essential as if the wrong material is used this can leave a terrible aftertaste! Glass is widely used mainly due to it being extremely smooth. Glass is very neutral and so is very unlikely to augment any of its own flavour into the tea.

Ceramic is also great for consuming tea from. Ceramic is always glazed meaning that it is free from any imperfections. This will then help the tea to maximise its flavour and give the consumer an increased sweet-smelling experience.

Clay is another good alternative to drink tea from due to it being extremely absorbent. The clay will have very small imperfections, which let both the flavour and aroma be a lot more distinct.

Everyone has a different taste palette and so this is why it is very essential that the correct tea ware be chosen, when making the perfect cup of tea. Whether it be clay for an increased more vigorous taste or Glass and ceramic for a more gentle, delicate taste.


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