What Inspired me to Relaunch K-T London

My favourite thing to do is to help people. Nothing gives me a greater sense of satisfaction then when my friends, family or even a stranger comes to me for advice, especially when it’s to do with health, well-being and lifestyle. These are my passions in life – aside from K-T London - and getting the chance to share them always brings a smile to my face. Now I’ve decided to share them all with you.

Let me tell you a bit about myself;

I graduated from the University of Nottingham in May 2020, and my dream was always to fully immerse myself in the world of K-T London and take my business to the next level. However, Covid reared its ugly head and made this dream a distant one. The tradeshows, events and markets that I relied on to make contact with my customers could no longer take place, and I was left wondering how I could continue.

Whilst trying to figure this out and run the online side of K-T, I had two job offers retracted because of the pandemic. I ended up doing a mixture of four jobs to support myself; nannying, phone representative, delivery driving and tennis coaching, none of which gave me the same satisfaction as running K-T London did.

I then thought, what next?

I considered becoming a personal trainer or a nutritionist because I love the gym and eating healthily, but I couldn’t bring myself to do more studying – three years of University was enough for me! I then thought about perhaps being a life coach, as I love to guide and help people – but again the studying!

I realised that further studies was not for me, but I still had this desire to help people, to offer them advice through my passions of health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

I started to brainstorm others ways to pursue these passions, and as I thought things out, one piece of advice from my Father came to mind - ‘Be your own boss’ he would tell me. I realised this meant more than being able to choose your own holiday days and be a business owner. It meant the opportunity and freedom to start my own blog and be my own editor.

So, I then decided to take the leap and start my own lifestyle blog, to get my voice heard and amplify the voices of others, whilst sharing the things we all love.

Here we have her, the relaunch of K-T London with the introduction of my blog space called ‘Passions.’ A place where individuals can share their insights on anything lifestyle related, ranging from; their favourite recipes, their go to exercise routine or advice on improving physical and mental wellbeing.

It is a place for ‘normal’ people to share their passions. A place to realise that being happy, healthy and passionate isn’t a fad or a trend, it is a lifestyle.

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