The Librarian Look or Simply Librarian?

There is no doubt about it, the librarian look is in this season and could be here to stay! So, how do you achieve this look without actually looking like you’re about to stack shelves at your local library?

Step 1. The Sweater Vest

Find yourself a sweater vest or waistcoat – they are everywhere at the moment so you’ll be sure to find one you like. I would personally go for one with colour or an eccentric pattern, the library look is typically a bit dull so spicing it up in this way is already helping you to look less like an actual librarian. If you don’t feel like you want to commit to the sweater vest trend go for an oversized knitted cardigan instead.

This one is currently on my wish list from Zara. 


Step 2. Layers

You have multiple options here, go for a simple Tee, a turtle neck, a small cute collar, or go all out with this seasons favourite – an oversized Peter Pan collar. 


Step 3. The Bottoms

Now here I’d recommend a baggy and ripped jean, or if baggy isn’t your vibe a denim skinny. I am yet to see a Librarian wearing ripped, denim jeans to work so this will surely set you apart from your local librarian.

Step 4. The Shoes

Now I’m partial to a mid-shin height Cowboy with the jeans tucked in – channelling my inner Princess Diana – but I know this isn’t for everyone. So I’d go for the simple and classic converse or a different type of casual wear trainer that you may have in your closet, or maybe a biker/ Dr. Martin style boot with the jean tucked in or out. The choice is yours.


Here are some of my favourite sweater vests to get you started:


Add some links in the comment section of sweater vests you are passionate about. 


Written by Gemma Rodol


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  • Great article. Just ordered Sandro tank top. Can’t wait to wear it. Thx x

    Vanessa spalter

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