Boiling Water With Your Tea? Absolutely Not!

Why the water you add to your tea leaves shouldn’t be boiling 

It is very important that when adding the water to your tea leaves that it is the correct temperature due to this being an essential factor when wanting to bring out the very best qualities of the tea. If the water is too hot then this will actually burn the tealeaves leaving the tea tasting bitter and the tea will loose its gentle and delicate taste and aroma.

But then again if the water is not hot enough then oxidation will not be able to take place meaning that the flavour from the tealeaves will not be able to be extracted.

For example:

• Green Tea is able to bring out its best flavour when a lower temperature of water is added; which is 85 degrees.

• Pu’er tea brings out its best flavours at 95 degrees. Pu’er Tea is much stronger then Green Tea and so can take more heat.

A lot of people do not have a kettle, which has different temperatures on it, and so the best way to overcome this is by adding your boiling water into either your K-T filter bottle or your teapot. It is best to then add in a tablespoon of cold water and then this will bring the water down to around 80-95 degrees.






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