My Morning Rituals

I strongly believe if you do something everyday for 60 days then it becomes a habit. I see habits as rituals for daily life and having a good routine from the moment I wake up in the morning sets my day off to a good start. Pre corona I would go straight downstairs after getting out of bed and go and have breakfast, hours later I would find myself back in my room, with an unmade bed and an undressed Katy. Not a great start to the day....

I decided to now always make my bed when I wake up in the morning... Okay I know this is a small detail, but I see this as one of life’s finer details and before you have even gone downstairs, you have achieved something...

I don’t know about you but coming home to an unmade bed is the worst feeling ever, so at least if my day is rather mediocre, I have a freshly made bed to dive into. I also now always go downstairs washed and dressed because I find that it puts me in a much better head space if I go to breakfast ready for the day.

My next ritual is hydration hydration hydration!!!

During the night we get so dehydrated, so my next ritual is all the liquid I consume. People think I’m crazy but yes, next I consume not 1 but 3 different types of liquids, all through a metal straw.

Liquid 1- Hot water with lemon.

Lemons have so many powerful health benefits, especially when they are taken on an empty stomach. This drink provides me with excellent hydration, it’s good for digestion and water retention (something which I suffer with).

Liquid 2- Green juice
My go to green juice after I have my hot water and lemon is usually celery,
cucumber, ginger, lemon and lime.
So I know there is so much speculation... do green juices actually work? Are they a fad? ‘Katy why are you drinking this s**t?’

But seriously I am a strong believer in the incredible health benefits and I am certain it has helped my skin (something I have suffered with over the years). 
So rumour has it these are the health benefits-
Packed with nutrients which are good for your immune system, good for inflammation, increases your red blood cell production, amazing for digestion, good for the skin and I’m telling you- my skin glows! (No I’m not pregnant)!!!
I don’t consume anything for 30 minutes after having this green juice. During this time I check my phone.

Liquid 3- Matcha

I either have my matcha just with water or I make it into a latte with almond milk.
I sometimes sit in bed getting excited for my matcha the next morning!!
Matcha is ground down green tea leaves into a powder so basically you are eating green tea.. hence the incredible health benefits.
Matcha has up to 8 times as many anti oxidants as a normal cup of green tea!
It also releases caffeine more moderately than coffee. I won’t go into all the health benefits as you can check them out on my website but if you take one thing from the blog post, DRINK MATCHA🍵 !!

Currently everyday is different so next I may do a workout or go for a walk, do some work or FaceTime a friend.

I try to stick to some morning rituals whether it be the drinks I make or simply just always making my bed, because the little things in life really do matter🤍

Please leave a comment below about your favourite morning rituals and why you're so passionate about them. 

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