My Feature in City AM

 I will thrilled to have a feature published about my journey and KT London in City AM.

I love this newspaper, and it has been a dream of mine to have a feature for quite some time!

Here is a copy of the full Q+A:


How did KT come about?

I discovered the wonders of loose-leaf tea whilst on a trip to China when I was 16. I had the pleasure of visiting many of the beautiful, family owned rural tea plantations and tasting, for the first time, artisan loose leaf tea. My mind and body were immediately sold - I left feeling, refreshed and rejuvenated, a feeling I had never felt from having Green Tea from a teabag- and most importantly, I felt inspired. I knew I had to bring this tea, and its cleansing benefits home with me, and I knew if I fell in love with it then many other people would too. 

So I had my mission, to build my own tea brand from scratch, and to find a way to bring tea drinking and its benefits practically, to a busy, working consumer. Thus, the K-T London brand was born with its unique and efficient Tea Filter bottles - already an ancient tradition in the east - to make drinking tea on the go convenient in our bustling, everyday lives.  

And now, after an amazing 5 years, I still continue to bring artisan loose leaf tea and its health benefits to the UK. After all, with a name like Katy I almost feel that KTea was my destiny. 


  Why are your portable tea filters more important now more than ever during the pandemic? (in terms of people getting out to exercise)

My initial goal with the loose-leaf tea filter bottles was to enable the busy consumer to drink tea sustainably on the go - The bottle’s unique design featuring a tea strainer in the lid, an insulating cover and its handy strap does just that. Obviously, the pandemic has taken some of the hustle out of our everyday, but the need for loose leaf tea on the go has not been lost. 

We now find ourselves looking for an excuse to leave the house and go for long walks come rain or shine, and who wouldn’t want a warm cup of delicious Jasmine or Green Tea on this walk with them. Not only will it keep you hydrated and warm, you will take in all of its amazing nutritional benefits - you don’t get all this from a to go coffee, and you’d be saving yourself some money too. Did I mention you can re-use the same tea leaves up to three times?


What are some of the proven benefits of tea?

Before my trip to China I thought tea was simply for a delicious flavour, but I quickly learnt that it is a lot more than that. I realised that every tea variant has its own unique effect and benefit on our bodies. Green Tea, for example, is incredible for the metabolism and keeping you energised, whilst Jasmine Tea helps to fight bacteria and not forgetting my signature homemade blend called Lifestyle ‘Health’ Tea, a wonderful detox tea that stimulates digestion. Rose Tea and Oolong Tea have quickly become a fan favourite as they are high in Vitamin C, which is known to help the immune system. - I told you tea does more than just taste good. 


How would you recommend a beginner approach tea – how do you pick? 

Beginner? Is there such a thing in England? We’ve all grown up drinking tea, I’m just offering a different kind of tea experience with its own unique tastes and benefits. 

Some teas contain caffeine, some don’t, some teas are fruity, some are plain, some are good for the morning, some good for the evening. I have a tea to suit every preference. 

Start maybe by ordering my free of charge 6-tea sample pack - excluding a £3 shipping cost. (On the homepage of my website). Or simply read through the many benefits of each tea on my website and see what most suits your needs. Whichever you choose, you will not be disappointed. 


 Are behaviour around tea changing in the way behaviour over coffee has changed over the last decade? 

Tea, unlike coffee, is an all-day option. Coffee is an easy caffeine boost, but not much else. Loose Leaf Tea is a lifestyle that tastes good and has crazy benefits. Coffee has most of us restricted to a 1pm cut off, but Tea, as it isn’t always ascaffeinated, is an all-day activity. Have it to energise you on your morning walk with your friends, as a pick me or digestion stimulant after lunch, or a relaxing accompaniment to your evening Zoom quiz. 

If you have a serious coffee addiction that you don’t think you could give up - consider switching to Matcha. The Espresso of the Tea industry! Matcha is Green Tea leaves ground down into a fine, delicate powder that can be drunk with hot water or in the form of a latte. You’ll still get your caffeine fix, but one that will last you a few hours rather than the concentrated 45 minutes coffee offers. 

If your coffee cravings simply won’t budge, then why not just add some tea into your routine; it’s all about mixing it up.

Drink it purely for its tastes or let its health benefits guide your day, either way it’ll quickly become a staple in your daily life


How does KT's business work – is it delivery? Subscription?

Covid has really helped grow the online presence of KT London as we have become really attuned and accustomed to online shopping. For small businesses like mine, it means more people are willing to take a leap of faith and try something new they've seen online, or on Instagram - find me @KTLondonn

At the moment I am selling purely online via my website,

I hope to also carry on attending all the tradeshows, food festivals/ markets and exhibitions I use to attend pre Covid.

I also have a tea subscription service for either 6 months or 12 months, where you get a new bag of tea delivered to your door once a month. (Makes a great gift)

I recently set up a lifestyle blog on my website called ‘Passions’ to promote the lifestyle of drinking tea and staying healthy. 


 What advice would you offer to tea drinkers who miss their fix from Whole Foods or Fortnum & Mason?

See this as an opportunity to support small independent businesses and discover something new and life changing, all from the comfort of your own home - with the added benefit of a subscription service so you never have to remember to reorder that dwindling bag of tea! You get the same hands on personal experience without the hassle of a busy shop, I’m always here to recommend the best tea for your needs or source that tea you’ve been looking for. I want to make long lasting relationships with my customers, and nothing makes me happier than seeing a name become a familiar one on my order list. 

All of my stakeholders have watched KT London and myself evolve over these last 5 years, and like all big business that start of small, I hope to grow, whilst still maintaining that personal touch.





    Michel Jack

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