The Home Workouts I’m Doing Right Now

What’s a gym? Very last year if you ask me. 

Gyms are shut, no holidays planned, stuck inside all day- finding that motivation to workout has been challenging throughout the past year, but let me share with you what has inspired me to keep up my fitness.

No.1 inspo: My Apple watch! I’m obsessed! I love tracking my heart rate during a workout, my total steps/ calories burnt during the day, and being as competitive I am, I love to do a competition with a friend. (Occasionally, I stress OCCASIONALLY... you will find me pacing around my bedroom at 11:59pm to make sure I win the daily competition…)

Here are a few links of cheaper options as I know an Apple watch can be pricey : Fit BitGarminAmazon

Around 30 minutes before I workout I ALWAYS have a Matcha! It makes your body burn more calories during cardio and resistance training due to it naturally increasing your body's energy and heat production!

So here are my favourite workouts, not only have they helped me physically, but mentally, they have been incredible.

Walking with 1lb ankle weights

I try to walk 5km every day, (weather depending, it seems to rain very often in the UK!) This is literally an hour of walking which really isn’t that long.

On days where I am not going to do a workout, I try to do 10km.

Physically, walking is great for your cardiovascular fitness, puts less stress on the joints, great for the posture, circulation and endurance. Mentally, I find it clears my head, I get some fresh air and I get to listen to some banging tunes. I really want to get into podcasts so feel free to message me some recommendations.

 Recently I have been using 1lb ankle weights (if you follow my Instagram then you will know that’s all I talk about). But seriously they are incredible; they make your walk that bit more strenuous.

Bala Bangles; is what I’m using. 

So, I started writing out a paragraph explaining the next part of my new philosophy about why I love a good walk, but it ended up being a page long! So, I thought I would just get to the point and put it in an organised table.

*Disclaimer- Running is incredible I have just found walking to be better for me for these reasons which you may/may not relate to.





Okay you need so much motivation to go on a run!!!

Personally, none at all.


Have to plan to eat an hour before your run so you have enough energy/ can’t eat just before your run or you will get indigestion… so much planning wow!

No planning.

Love a munch when I walk lol.

Hair wash

Okay I’m a super sweaty person so always have to leave time to wash my hair after.

My hair still looks good after my walk.  


Let’s say 250 calories running 5km in 30 minutes average time.

I burn 250 calories walking 5km in an hour…

Body ache

The other day I ran 10km and couldn’t move for 3 days…


Boob ache??

Rather uncomfortable for us girls with bigger boobs.

No discomfort.

Enough said?

Melissa Wood Health Method (MWH Method)

Before I talk about the actual workout, Melissa’s philosophy for her workouts is all about self-love and acceptance. I love this attitude and it is something which I try keep in mind whenever I’m working out. Working out should not be a punishment, it should be enjoyed both physically and mentally; something which Melissa talks about a lot. I find Melissa as a person extremely motivating and her love for life is always translated in her workout videos.

Okay I’m gonna stop fangirling and tell you about the workout. 

£10 a month for 2 new workout videos published a week and unlimited access to 200+ workout videos in the library. Pilates, Yogabased with some Treadmill series and meditations. The videos are anything from around 10 minutes to 50 minutes (roughly), and they are especially good if you have 10 minutes to kill at home and want to fit in some movement.

Find Melissa on Instagram : @melissawoodhealth 

Isaac Boot

An ex Broadway performer, who has created his own workout which he calls ‘TORCH’D’. The workout is ‘a vigorous flow of body resistance, dance conditioning and intense targeted repetition to fire up and transform your body. This intense workout burns fat, shaves off inches and will have you feeling more fit than ever before.’

Trust me not only is this workout super hard, but it burns! Isaac brings so much energy to his classes and honestly, he is hilarious.

His Instagram is @isaacboots and he has loads of videos on his page and he goes live every day at 4pm UK time. Oh and another opportunity to wear my ankle/ wrist weights!!

Find Isaac on Instagram: @isaacboots

Body by Ciara

So, I pay £15 per month and included in this is 35-40 live workouts per week on Instagram. You name a type of workout… I bet it will be included! (HIT, Yoga, Pilates, Weight training, Barre, Cardio, Skipping, Specific muscle group workouts).

I love the ‘Full Body Hit’ workouts. I’m not a massive fan of training specific muscle groups and prefer to just do full body. This subscription is very good value for money, and I love how I can just scroll through the feed and have such a large selection of decent workouts!

Find Ciara on Instagram: : @ciaralondon

I ordered a Peleton bike a few months ago and its finally coming next week- hopefully it will be worth the wait! I will let you all know how I get on with it. 

Comment below workouts/ trainers you are passionate about. 


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