Mask-ne? We Don’t Know Her!

 Having started Mask Yo Face, a sustainable and stylish face-mask brand from Liberty London fabric, in May 2020, I am no stranger to the effects mask wearing can have on your skin. 

So, what even is ‘mask-ne’?

Maskne is the development of acne on the area of the face, where a face mask is worn. Essentially, the formation of spots around the nose and mouth. 

Whether you have spent a bit too much time shopping or in the library, you can become akin to the growth of spots on your face. While a mask can cover up these unwanted spots (yes, masks can be helpful for that too!), I have developed 3 solutions to prevent them:

Firstly, ditch the disposable. Forget a pandemic, hasn’t the world suffered enough :( Disposable masks have been claimed to have caused an environmental disaster, with its  tragic effects lasting generations. While the word disposable should provide a clear definition of how to use the mask, most people commonly use it more than once. This causes a build up of dirt on the mask and as it is disposable, there is no way of getting rid of the bacteria. Instead, be responsible for both your skin and the environment by buying a reusable face mask!

Secondly, hygiene! While you might have a spotless morning and night skincare routine, the build up of bacteria on a mask can hinder your efforts to have that fresh and youthful glow.  Therefore, I would suggest washing your mask regularly with hot soapy water. 

Dr Injibar recommends changing your face mask at least twice a day. This will ‘reduce the amount of oil that rubs over your face, and also allows you to clean your face in between masks’. She also suggests using glycolic acid pads to clean your face in between mask wearing. The pads are easily transportable and disposed. 

Lastly, opt for a Silk mask: once you try it, you can’t go back. Following increased demand, I began selling 100% Silk masks on my website for £20 a pop and since then, they have  completely flown off the shelves! 

Dr Howard Sobel mentions ‘it has been discovered that… natural silk can effectively filter out particles’. He also adds that Silk masks are highly beneficial if you suffer from sensitive skin, as silk is a cooling material and naturally hypoallergenic. If you suffer from oily or acne-prone skin, Sobel highlights that 100% Silk masks do not clog pores.

The masks are completely light-weight to wear and are the perfect accessory for a long-haul flight or an intense study session. I  really couldn’t recommend them more

 Where to buy Mask Yo Face:

100% Silk and Cotton Face Masks are available to buy on 

Limited edition fabrics are available on 

Follow Mask Yo Face on Instagram @maskyoface

By Saskia Steinberg


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