A Guide to Sustainable Activewear

Whether you’re a regular gym-goer or a New Year’s resolution newbie to the world of active wear, it is always useful to know where to buy the best sustainable gym clothes. To feel good, you want to look good, and what better way to do this than ensuring your gym clothes have as little harm to the environment as possible!

What does the term ‘sustainability’ actually mean?

The conventional definition of sustainability is to be able to maintain the same level of social, economic and environmental well-being for future generations. Within the fashion industry ‘sustainability’ looks at the environmental and social impacts of the garment throughout the supply chain to maintain well-being for all participants involved. Since the speeding and spreading out of fashion supply chains they have become long and complex. Therefore, sustainable brands want to ensure transparency to prove responsibility throughout.

Sustainability is often associated with expensive products, this stands to reason for the added care and attention to the ethical, responsible and sustainable practices at every stage of the process, from the farming of materials, to manufacturing to shipping and waste management. However, when comparing prices of activewear, sustainable brands ensure fair prices with good quality.

So here are a few of my faves…

The Girlfriend Collective:

Simple, beautiful and flattering. Catering to all needs, a vast range of choices and lots of sizes, their number one goal is transparency, everything is done with care. They found their USP by using old water bottles for the synthetic material for their clothing which would otherwise clog landfills and pollute the Earth. The Girlfriend Collective is good for a variety of activities, it is available on Net-A-Porter, at reasonable prices and so many colours to choose from, it’s a yes from me!

We Are Tala:

A go-to brand is always We Are Tala. With adorable colours and great quality, these clothes suck you in in all of the right places. I’ve ordered their new Skin Lux range and it is quintessentially brilliant. At a more affordable price and does good for the planet it also, has a plantable garment label! Who doesn’t love to be a proud plant mum?


Don’t worry boys, couldn’t forget you! Patagonia truly engages with sustainability in every sense of the word. Through the use of recycled polyester and responsible labour rights it screams responsible. From mountain climbing to running to gyming, Patagonia has a wide range of activities in mind when supplying to their conscious consumers for both men and women. 

Go As U R:

Now this is epic. With shopper guides to creating a fully sustainable wardrobe, mending kits available online and educational content on the website – you can fully immerse yourself in increasing your knowledge of the sustainable world of fashion. The stunning clothes, providing bright colours and cool designs, their little range covers great distances. Their leggings are reasonably prices, however the tops run steeper but are definitely worth it.

Lulu Lemon:

Lulu Lemon is sometimes engrained into the Highstreet stereotype and therefore may not always come across as generically sustainable, however they are! The planet, people and wellness are at their core. They ensure ethical codes of practice for all their vendors and are constantly creating solutions to minimise environmental impacts. Although very much on the expensive side, Lulu Lemon is my all-time favourite, it consistent with amazing quality, lovely colours and very successful gym wear.

Remember, the most sustainable thing you have is the thing you already own, so shop responsibly, think through your purchases and only buy when you NEED to.

If you want to educate yourself more on sustainability in the fashion industry, head over to Fashion Revolution with lots of blogs, articles and eye-opening information that will make you want to shop sustainable!


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By Lauren Keller

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