The Simple Solution for Chocolate Lovers

One piece is enough? Don’t be ridiculous.

As a chocolate lover, it is simply impossible to have just one bite. For sure, there are several “healthy” chocolates on the market, but do they REALLY satisfy your chocolate craving and are they ACTUALLY healthy?  Hmm, I think you are lying to yourself if the answer is yes.

There is always SOMETHING about the chocolate that is not quite right. They either contain too many plant based substitutes suc
h as date, which make them too sweet, or are full of preservatives. Some “clean” chocolate still contain “organic” cane sugar, or milk fat… that doesn’t sound clean to me. Hu chocolate is quite literally the SIMPLE solution.

Not only is it clean, the ingredients are SIMPLE. Take a handful of chocolate chips, or a couple of blocks of a chocolate bar. Even if one bite is not quite enough for you, I can for sure tell you that you will be satisfied with the taste. Cocoa butter, coconut sugar and cocoa powder. Its that simple. From the hazelnut butter bar that tastes like Nutella, to crispy quinoa that tastes like Maltesers… you won’t even WANT the original unhealthy chocolate form.

For the clean eaters out there, you will be immediately obsessed with this brand.

For novices of the clean wave, this is a perfect SIMPLE solution that will keep you from craving those nasty treats. Go get ‘em!

Comment below what chocolate you are passionate about!

 By Tash Burns

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  • is this how your skin stays so good??

    Tatiana Green

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