My Story

Hi I'm Katy, the founder of K-T London.

After a visit to Asia in the Spring of 2015, I noticed the huge variety of loose-leaf teas and brought back lots of samples. Being a bit of a health 
freak, it was all extremely exciting for me to find out about all the health benefits of the tea! However, I found it extremely time consuming to prepare the tea, and I simply did not have time to make it in the morning, which I realised must be true for other people.

So I thought what better then to play on the age old tradition from Asia and decided to try and source my own Loose Leaf tea filter bottle; which I realised would very much be an in demand product. After discussing this with my family, we booked a trip to Asia where I could source a bottle as well as visit a tea plantation, where I could pick my own tea and gain a clear understanding of the tea market.

My family and I went on the trip and learnt all about the culture and visited many tea ceremonies and plantations.

I made a good relationship with a particular tea p
lantation in the Fujian province and came home to around 120 different types of tea. This took me weeks to sample

After lots of hard work, I then had to name the business; I thought what better then to play on my name as well as what the business was about, and so K-T London was launched in January 2016, selling loose leaf tea and tea filter bottles.

Since then I have been promoting and selling through my website, going to village and county fairs, trade shows, going to corporate companies and stocking my products in some shops/cafes.


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