“Healthy Space, Healthy Mind”

Lockdown is a very unusual and uncertain time for us all. My way of maintaining a healthy mind during this time is through keeping the space around me as organised and fresh as possible. I strongly believe having too much unnecessary stuff around you can be extremely distracting. A novelist and poet named William Norris once expressed that “you should have nothing in your house that you don't believe to be useful or beautiful.” Not only do I believe organisation is key but I believe it is also essential to keeping your room a calm space. 

When organising my room, I have found a few different methods which not only help to declutter but also look nice! I have also mentioned a few tips which help keep your surroundings calm.

The White Company - White Lacquer, Trays of 3 

These trays look great but also have helped me organise any important notes as well as any miscellaneous beauty products! 

Desk Organisers- John Lewis Letter Rack, Rose Gold

You don’t realise how important organising your desk is until you start! Work is instantly more productive and efficient!

Bathroom Caddy-  The White Company

Your bathroom should be a place to relax, I find that extremely hard to do with build up of toiletries scattered across my  bathroom. This bathroom caddy by “The White Company” is a great choice, it chic and will help you obtain that clutter-free look with its clever three-tier storage.

Scented Candles and Diffusers- Jo Malone- “Pomegranate Noir”

Finding a fragrance you love is so important and using that scent as a base for your room will keep it your happy and calm place. Fragrances have the ability to stimulate feelings of love, energy, power, happiness, awe, sensuality and peace. The ““Pomegranate Noir” is my recommended scent by Jo Malone, it it is subtle yet fresh.


Natural Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp- Amazon

This lamp is the perfect accessory in helping to keep your room a calm space- a salt lamp near you is known to enhance your meditative experience.

By Talia Godfrey


Comment things below which help you to have a healthy space and healthy mind. 

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