Beige is the New Grey

Remember the days you were blinded (quite literally) on Instagram by the shiny, crushed velour Interior Design aesthetic that crawled onto every influencer's feed?

The shiny, grey, and in-your-face style that was at once versatile and super-specific, vintage and futuristic, luxurious and durable?

Design trends go in and out quicker than anyone can catch onto it, and it is no surprise that this new fad has already been swapped out by its complete opposite - a down to earth, natural, and calming look. The beige look.

Warm, beige tones have been creeping into popularity for the last few years, with Dulux's colour of the year in 2019 being "Spiced Honey," and Tik Tok's fashion trend of 2020 being, to everyone's surprise, the colour brown.

So what has caused this shift?

Firstly, it's important to consider that polar opposite shifts are completely normal. Us humans get bored so quickly, and when we throw something out, we often go to the polarised way. Take Obama and Trump for example (yes, I know this is not the best comparison, but you get the gist).

The truth is, beige has for too long been branded as "boring," "plain," and "simple." Grey offered a symbol of modernity, luxury, and cleanliness which was perfectly suited to a time when Mrs. Hinch adorned everyone's social media.

But why would we want a colour that reflects the eternal greyness of the London sky instead of one that emulates the warmth of a summer's day?

By Maggie Klein

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