A Friday Night in by a Very Bored Beauty Therapist

Well well well..... here we are in lockdown 3. We are not happy to see you, they say bad things come in 3's so please may it be the end of this madness!

Time to step up the self-care routine, as what else is there to do? 

Carry on with the daily wiping of your door handles and the paranoid fruit and veg cleansing after your return from the supermarket.  Whilst all this incessant cleaning and the daily spritz of Zoflora will make your home feel squeaky clean, I'm going to help you feel clean within yourself. We all know how good you feel after a hair wash, so let's talk about that!

I'm going to paint the picture for you: it's Friday night, it's been a long week, you've done at least 15 walks in the past 5 days (which yes is above the daily allowance but hey ho!). Shut down your laptop for the weekend and say goodbye to another week, that means one week closer to freedom and out of this lunacy! I'm sure you have a full weekend of walking plans and park coffee dates so time to feel clean and fresh...


Step 1. 

Put on a boiling hot bath but not too boiling, you don't want to stew yourself! Add some bath salts or bubble bath - really treat yourself and unwind... 

Step 2.

Shampoo and condition that hair!

Step 3.

Whilst your conditioner is on exfoliate the skin on your face, if you don't have any face exfoliator you can make one easily yourself with honey and sugar! Use a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of sugar. Mix it well and massage into your face.

Step 4.

Wash off the conditioner and get out of the bath..... sit there on the toilet seat with your fluffiest dressing gown on and push back your cuticles on your hands and toes with an orange wood stick. Then apply 2 layers of rejuvacote to your nails which is a fabulous nail strengthener. Paint on a layer of Rejuvacote every other day then at the end of the week take it all off and start a fresh!


Step 5.

Lather your whole body in moisturiser and lie there like a starfish and relax.

The end.

Have a great weekend, keep well and safe and this will all be over soon!

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By Hannah Jacobs 

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    • We should all take note from Hannah’s blog, love yourself!


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