5 Tips to Get into Reading Again


Do you find people that read a lot and like to talk about it kinda pretentious and annoying – admittedly we are – but do you also kinda wish you were one of them?

Well if you do, here are 5 steps to get you back into reading.

  1. Dedicate the Time

Instead of spending 30 minutes of your spare time scrolling through Instagram or trying to decide what your next Netflix TV series should be, pick up a book. Make yourself dedicate even just 10 minutes a day to reading instead of staring at your screen. Start with a small and flexible target that will hopefully get bigger as you continue to read. Maybe even try bringing a book with you wherever you go and spend your spare five minutes reading a few pages rather than refreshing your Instagram feed.

  1. Start Small

Find yourself a short novella, or a collection of short stories that you can probably get through in a few hours of reading. Once you’ve finished it you have proven to yourself that you can dedicate time to reading, that it is much more enjoyable than you remembered and hopefully the satisfaction of finishing one book will leave you wanting to finish more.

  1. Choosing the Book

You’re not in school anymore! Read about whatever and whoever you want, so make it something you are truly interested in. Pick up the biography of your greatest inspiration, or if you’re into crime tv shows or documentaries pick up a murder mystery, or read up more on that history topic you remember loving in school. Maybe even read the book version of something you loved on screen – Bridgerton or Little Women. The world of reading is your oyster, or more likely your local bookshop – you don’t need to stick to the classics or the best seller’s list. Read that book your favourite influencer just brought out! (I have WeWoreWhat’s Not Just a Fashion Story on my bookshelf to read).

  1. Don’t Put Pressure on it

Its ok to put a book down if you don’t find it interesting. Don’t force yourself to read a book you’re not enjoying, because reading should be enjoyable. Simply put that book aside and choose another. Reading should be a welcome break from your everyday and not a burden.

  1. Just Do It.

Stealing Nike’s tagline here, but JUST DO IT. Pick up that book and get reading.


And now I shall leave you with this final sentiment; “Never put off till tomorrow the book you can read today.” – Holbrook Jackson

by Gemma Rodol

Comment below any tips you are passionate about, to help get back into reading. 

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